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Intensive English

Every QSIM student has the opportunity to be successful in their learning, and students are expected to flourish in their classrooms. However, a student whose English proficiency level is below that commonly associated with their age may not be able to flourish in the mainstream classroom. The Intensive English program is designed for these students. The goal of the Intensive English program is to facilitate an accelerated learning environment in which students are able to acquire the English language skills in the four domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to be successful in their age-appropriate mainstream classes. Intensive English classes are smaller than mainstream classes to allow teachers to target individual student needs more effectively. The Intensive English program allows students to be successful at school and feel confident as learners. 

The Intensive English (IE) Program serves students 6 years old and up whose English skills limit full access to mainstream classroom instruction. 

The IE program at the International School of Malta enables students: 

  • To develop basic interpersonal communication,  

  • To acquire academic English skills needed to function successfully in their mainstream classrooms, 

  • To work in a program integrating the four modes of English – reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

The QSI Intensive English Program includes: 

  • Small class sizes, 

  • An individualized program to suit students’ individual needs, 

  • Pull-out classes where teaching focuses on the development of language skills, 

  • Lessons where the IE teacher works with the classroom teacher to supplement subject area course such as Science or Cultural Studies.