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COVID-19 Information

Due to the current circumstances, the school campus will be closed beginning March 15 until April 12 or further notice.

We ask you to monitor this page for the most up-to-date information regarding QSI International School of Malta and our proactive response to the COVID-19. We have a crisis management team in place and we continue to communicate as the situation is updated and changes. We will continue to closely follow updates from the CDC, the US Embassy, and Malta’s Health Ministry and make decisions accordingly.


1) Temperatures are taken for all students each morning.

Please check your children’s temperatures before sending them to school, just to make sure. Any student with an elevated temperature above 37.2 will be asked to stay home. 

2) Temperatures will now be taken for all individuals entering the campus.

We will have an increased presence at entry points to help manage the flow. This may cause some delays, so we appreciate your cooperation and patience with security and staff. 

COVID-19 has been declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) and uncertainty around this can bring about fear and worry within our community and with our students. It is important to know that our children are looking to us for some reassurance and guidance concerning how to respond and feel.


Some strategies to build resilience and have reassuring conversations with kids are:
  1. Stay Positive: Remember to keep calm. Anxiety and fear are easily picked up on by children. Having open and calm conversations helps ease any fearful or nervous feelings.
  2. Stick to the facts: Gently correct any untrue statements or rumors about the virus. The CDC and WHO are good sources for information. Discuss that not everything they see or hear is real. It can also be helpful to discuss some of the positive news surrounding the virus. Consider media consumption and the sources of information.
  3. Eliminate Stigma and Be Supportive: It is important how the coronavirus is explained to avoid any person/group from being blamed. Also explain that if someone has a fever, cough, or is feeling sick that this does not mean this person has the coronavirus. If you know of someone being teased about COVID-19, please tell a teacher, adult, or administrator. If you know someone who is feeling nervous, sad, or overwhelmed, please seek some support.