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Parent Support Group

The Falcon Community 

The Parent Support Group, also known as The PSG
The PSG supports students and the community by organizing activities that support the social life of the school. In the past the PSG have sponsored bake sales, food and clothing drives, sponsorship of student events, staff appreciation luncheons, and logistical help with graduation and other events. 

All QSI schools will work to establish an active Parent Support Group.  All QSI Parent Support Groups will use the same acronym of PSG or Parent Support Group.  

All parents are encouraged to become actively involved with the school through the Parent Support Group.  

The goal of the Parent Support Group in QSI is to make the learning environment the best possible place for children.  To achieve this goal, the Parent Support Group (PSG) will: 

  1. Work to enhance the communication among parents as well as between parents and the school.  
  2. Organize educational and social events for QSI students and/or the school community.  
  3. Assist classroom educators in ways that allow for more efficient and productive use of instructional time.  
  4. Enrich the regular classroom curriculum.  
  5. Promote fund-raising events in order to purchase items or understanding of the local community or host country. 

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The Talon Weekly Newsletter 

Our school’s weekly newsletter feature calendars, event information, and lots of pictures to enjoy. The Talon Newsletter is distributed to all parents, and staff.