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At QSI International School of Malta, students learn to work both collaboratively and independently and develop the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to truly let their lives speak. From rigorous and enriching academics and creative and performing arts to environmental awareness, teamwork and service for others, students at all levels take ownership of their learning while benefiting from partnerships with their teachers and peers. On an average day at QSI International School of Malta one can see the depth and breadth of learning in small classroom environments. With over 40 different nationalities, learning opportunities go beyond the ordinary.

Deep inquiry, serious scholarship, and authentic reflection are encouraged by the warm and engaging environment that students are immersed in. Individual learning for each student cultivates a strong sense of independence. QSI International School of Malta faculty equips students with the critical tools and skills they need both inside the classroom and beyond the school walls, thus empowering all students to pursue their individual passions, and the science labs, math competitions, novel studies and writing workshops engage students with the process and not simply the outcome of learning. While each classroom has a unique culture that encourages risk-taking, the curriculum ensures that our students have the opportunity to learn, practice, and ultimately, master these skills during their time at QSI International School of Malta.

The arts enrich the lives of the entire QSI International School of Malta community.

From the vibrant student art displayed throughout the halls of the elementary school to the stories brought to life in the middle school drama productions to the secondary musical performances, art is everywhere. All students, no matter what their age level, have the regular opportunity to engage with both the visual and the performing arts as they learn to express their creative selves.

Stewardship of the earth is a school wide commitment at QSI International School of Malta. Each day, students learn how their actions affect the environment, whether they’re studying the wind generated on campus or using the hot composter after lunchtime. Commitment to sustainable food choices and reduced waste helps our students consider daily actions as a part of a greater trend. QSI Malta is a certified Green Flag school.

QSI International School of Malta remains committed to preparing students to be fully present in the world and to serve it. From classroom activities and learning to after school clubs and activities, students at QSI International School of Malta are always looking for ways to raise awareness about issues and injustices that affect people around the globe. They learn to make sense of the larger world, to express themselves and their beliefs, to celebrate difference, and, above all, to listen to each other.

At QSI International School of Malta, students and teachers form a learning community that is dedicated to the life of the mind. Teachers at all grade levels and within all disciplines draw inspiration from students’ innate curiosity and find joy in collective inquiry, reflection, and discovery. The ongoing commitment to honoring diverse perspectives ensures that students leaving QSI International School of Malta are prepared to be empathetic and thoughtful citizens of the world.